Posted 4.22.2018

Major Earning Potential

The current tipping system provides major earning potential for tipped employees. On average tipped employees earn between $19-25 per hour, but many earn significantly more.


Flexibility is a hallmark of the restaurant industry, and one of the many reasons why so many employees love the industry. The current tipping system combined with the flexibility of the restaurant industry allows servers to generate extra income, students to work their way through school, and parents to spend time with their children by working shifts that fit their schedules.

Highest Levels of Customer Service

The current tipping system incentivizes servers to deliver the highest level of service to their customers. Unlike restaurants in Europe where a tipping culture does not exist, customers in the United States can expect attentive and friendly service whenever they enjoy a meal at a restaurant. The current tip credit system allows restaurants to employ enough tipped employees to ensure that customers receive the highest level of customer service every time they visit a restaurant.

Increased Investment in Local Communities

The tip credit allows restaurants to provide high paying jobs for their tipped employees and also allows owners to invest money back into their restaurants. This investment benefits customers and employees alike by creating a nicer restaurant experience that will increase customer satisfaction and can boost overall levels of tipping for employees.
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