America’s Restaurants Provide Career Opportunities

Posted 4.22.2018

From dishwasher to server, hourly employee to executive office, the restaurant industry offers lucrative long-term career opportunities for individuals of every skill level. The restaurant and foodservice industry is the second-largest private sector employer in the United States. One in two individuals have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their life. One in three individuals found their first job within the industry. Millions of people continue to enjoy vibrant careers within this fast-growing profession. The following represents key employment and demographic data:

75 Percent of Employees
Believe restaurants offer a career path of upward mobility.
15.6 Million Employees
Size of the restaurant industry workforce – 1 in 10 Americans.
7 of 10 Employees
Will continue working in the restaurant industry until they retire.
71 Percent of Employees Ages 18 to 24
Grow their careers in the industry after their first job.
17 Million + by 2030
Number of projected restaurant industry employees by 2027 – an increase of 1.6 million from 2017.
9 of 10 workers 35 or older
Grow their careers in the industry after their first job.
1.6 million
The industry employs people between the ages of 16 and 19. The median age of restaurant workers is 28.6, the lowest of all major industries.
Schedule Flexibility
Restaurant schedules allow employees flexibility so they can attend school, work other jobs, or care for family.
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